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Hi, I'm Melanie

Actress, Writer, Comedian 



The Face of Fiverr

I had the amazing experience of stepping into the lead role in Fiverr's global marketing campaign. The shoot was a whirlwind (in Kyiv, Ukraine no less!), but working with Fiverr's creative team was a pleasure and the final product came out fantastic.


Betty's Song

I wrote Betty's Song after having the song "Call Me Al" stuck in my head for longer than anyone wants. It was screened at the Silver Lake Picture Show (which was a dream!) as well as at a Toots & Boots sketch show. 




Sketch Comedy

Toots & Boots is my sketch comedy team and is comprised of some of my very favorite freaks. We all met at Groundlings in an Advanced Improv class, and we’ve been performing together ever since. 


Toots & Boots Live at Comedy Central Stage

Stay tuned!


About Me

Hi there! I'm an actress, writer, and comedian based in LA. I study improv and sketch comedy at the Groundlings school, where I recently passed Writing Lab. I perform regularly with my sketch team “Toots and Boots" (our next show is April 2020 at the Comedy Central Stage!) and write and produce my own comedic short films. Check out "Betty's Song" or "She Walked In"! They're my brand of crazy.